IPonder about IPhone

IPhone: Is it IWorth it?

The new anticipated Iphone came out weeks ago, with sales reaching 5 million purchases within the first 3 days of sales.

That is one more million than the amount of Iphone 4s sold within the opening weekend.

However, did the customers buy it out of features, or because they wanted to furfill their hunger for more stuff?

Let’s compare the IPhone 4s and the “revolutionary” IPhone 5:
IPhone 4s has a 3.5 inch display, while an IPhone 5 has a 4 inch display, face time was only Wi-Fi in 4s, while the iPhone 5 has face time both Wi-Fi and cellular, the weight of the iPhone 5 is 112 grams, while an IPhone 4s weighs 140 grams, new apps are only applicable on the IPhone 5, 3D and more advanced graphics will be able to run on the IPhone 5.

It may seem like a miracle, but it is trouble for those with the 2-year contract, because the expense fees will add on the $200 cost of the IPhone 5.

The Iphone 5 also allows people to use LTE/4g internet speed, which would increase the speed by about 40% more than 3g internet. Fast, fast, fast!

That by itself will convince several people to buy the Iphone 5. However, the problem with 4g internet speed is the availability. For example, there are more 3g spots than 4g spots.  4g spots also are relatively new, which would make 4g a difficult problem for you if your city/town does not provide it.

Another problem is that the amount of 4g depends on your phone company’s 4g plan. Receiving better quality videos may come with a cost.

One excellent aspect of the Iphone 5 is the camera. Now, you can take videos that can run in 1080p HD videos and take pictures at the same time you are recording. The Iphone 5 come with the IOS 6 installed already for you. But is it worth at least $200? Although a smaller width with an faster processer and a 4g connection may be our of this world, it comes with several fees.

I would recommend that anyone who has an Iphone 4 or lower to upgrade to the Iphone 5. As for the IPhone 4s, I would wait until the Iphone 5s comes out.

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