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Arrvial of Dishonored


Dishonored preview

Although the game is called dishonored, there is no dishonoring from me. In fact, the ratings for this game were out the roof: ranging from 9.1-9.4.

I believe that the hype for this game will explode in a matter of minutes. I learned about this game from an IGN video that premiers it. As you already know if you have read the review about Resident Evil, IGN is where I normally look at for game reviews and upcoming releases. I looked at the title and wondered, “Hmm, this looks weird. A game about honor? Must be during medieval times.” When I looked at the preview, I was shocked, amazed, and stunned!

Dishonored does take place in Medieval times, with a mixture of a dystopian-police state world, modeled from England. There are swords and bolt-action pistols for weapons, with troops walking around in synthetic, robotic legs that have explosive cross-bows.

I have got to say, this game is very creative and imaginative. There are also old-modeled cars that resemble that of Ford’s first automobiles, but better! These look more modernize. Then comes the best part…

It has time-control!

That’s right, you can stop time, along with teleporting and transforming into animals, and other abilities. What’s cool about this game is that the abilities are not predetermined in order in which you will get them. You can just buy the abilities you favor (For me, it would be time control.)

As much as I like to level up and progress, it always come with consequences, such as getting abilities I don’t like. But in this game, I can avoid that Thank you Bethesda. Wait, Bethesda, The Company that created Fallout? Of course! Bethesda does not fail. It clearly creates masterpieces that are worth over 60 dollars apiece! Although, I may have some problems with Fallout New Vegas (I.E, the frequent number of glitches that pop up), it is still one of my preferred games to play.

In this game, you can choose to go for violence or to follow the road of Gandhi’s teaching’s of peace. I prefer to play violently because it is more fun when you are doing a lot of action, rather than take my time and avoid any conflict. In this game, if you choose to, you can play the whole game in stealth and can survive without killing anyone. Again, this is great for people who love to be stealthy, or are sadistic.

The world is shaped on your decision-making. This goes back to the two modes of progress; stealthy or violent. The more violent approach will get you a more chaotic, depressing ending, while a stealthy ending will get you a more humane and stable kingdom, so choose carefully.

Overall, these qualities of games are excellent and mind-blowing. I love the several unique aspects of this game that all come together to form a great experience. I defiantly recommend buying this game for any console. It almost is a combination of Prototype and Assassin’s Creed 2.


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Resident Evil 6

The anticipated arrival of Resident Evil 6 brought me excitement and anxiety for about 3 days. The Resident Evil franchise is by far one of the best zombie-survival I have ever played in. When I received the game and played it, I was dumbfounded at how great the graphics were.

I mean like WOW, the graphics are remarkable!


Mission mode is very creative and fun, because you bring in 4 main stories compiled into one game. I played as Chris Redfield (Resident Evil 1 and 5) Leon Kennedy (Resident evil 4), Jake Muller, illegitimate son of Wesker, one of the best villains ever, and Ada Wong, which was unlocked after completed all three before.

The depth of the story is much more explored because some questions I may have about Leon while I was playing as Chris were answered in some part of the four main characters story. The story and the dialogue were stellar! The fact that the main villain was a double-ganger of the real Ada Wong brought me in even more!


Yes, the story is not cliché or boring.

Another thing I have enjoyed about the game was the ability to walk and shoot.

That’s right: Aiming while shooting! Who would have thought of this brilliant idea? They finally listened to my complaints and added that ability.


However, I have noticed that the strengths of the game were matched with the weakness of the game.


For one, it was not what I considered to be scary or survival. Sure, there were moments where unexpected things occurred that took me out of surprise. However, the game was based on action, rather than horror. Now, action is fine by me. This game had too much. There were hardly any suspenseful moments that had me going. I need to be scared in a horror game.


Another thing was the quick-play. Now, for those of you who don’t know, quick-play is the thing random screen popup that tells you to press something in a very short amount of time. I don’t know about you, but I hate quick play because it takes away from the game, and you normally die if you don’t do it correctly.

If I miss the button for a small second, the death title screen is shown. Arrgh, this is so frustrating.


Another thing that annoys me is the overlap of missions in the 3 main stories. I do not need to defeat the same boss 3 times; once is good enough. Doing the same mission is very boring

Last, the techniques used to combat the bosses are repetitive and overused. It gets boring and wasteful to destroy the legs 8 times. It would be nice to have different interacts, like a different fighting technique every time.

I was not the only one who felt the same.

Here is a IGN review on the game:

I felt that Resident Evil 6 could have been a great game that would have been the greatest game in the series if the small problems were not there.

Were you guys satisfied with the game, or utterly broken spirited?




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Borderlands Review!

The new arrival of Borderlands came out.  Fans of the first game will not be disappointed with the new sequel of Borderlands. Here is why:

There is more loot to horde. I love a game that allows me to store up unnecessary amounts of stuff, just for the fun of it. Borderlands 2 give away weapons every 5 minutes, filling that materialist hunger. Boss fighting just became easier with more rare weapons.

The artwork is quite stellar then that of the previous game. The graphics make the game more realistic and more visual. You don’t quite see the “pencil” sketches, and the look of the character improved.

There is more involvement with the ability screen.  Before, the classes had about three tiers for every class. I hardly used rage because it took enough time from my game playing to remember to activate it. Now, the ability system works for me because there are so many aspects to it, I used it on other missions.

The world of Pandora changed from the desert into involving other landscapes, such as swamps, snowy mountains, and rigid tundra, with the desert included as well. I have to admit, borderlands would not be borderlands without the deserts. The new landscapes added to the game vastly changed the gameplay much better.

Along with landscapes comes along a new AI enemy variety. In Borderlands 1, the same type of enemies typically spawned in the same spot after a while. I felt bored killing the same type of enemies in the same spot. In Borderlands 2, new enemies spawn altogether in the same place, making the gameplay much more exciting. I never know what enemy I will face next.

Humor got upgraded hardcore, with the little robot we all know and laugh at from the original game. There was never a moment where I felt guilty blowing the insides out of him.

As much as I love Borderlands, there were some things I wanted to change about the game:

The aiming system is awkward and hard. Some scopes did not even have the little dot that I am used to. Even with the dot, the bullets always blew a little further from where I was pointing.

The new characters are the same tiers as from Borderlands 2. I would have loved to seen new classes with new classes, like a pyromaniac tier where he primarily focuses on explosives and launches a nuke as his super.

There are hardly any missions that require the use of vehicles besides as a means of transportation. Vehicles should have been more implemented into the system.

The status on the guns was not changed, forcing me to do every calculation in my mind every time I receive a new gun. The point of a video game is to turn my brain to slush.

I found that the improvements were quite rewarding to find. Other then the minor complaint I found, the game is a breath taking adventure. What do you guys think? I say it is worth all the dollars invested in it.

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iDoctor: Save me from addiction

I have read something very interesting today; it was an article about how smart phones could be our doctors in the near future. With the many apps that are out there, you can track how many calories you have burnt, go on the Internet, search the symptoms, and find a remedy.

I think it is remarkable how we evolved into this instant-information world by a click of a button. However, this is very old news.

I was thinking, “Well, you can do that anyways.” What caught my attention was information sharing among companies. These companies “reward you” for following your commitment of your health plans, with discounts and offers. For example, you get paid $5 after your first workout in GymPact.

Seriously? We need to pay people to exercise? Whatever happened to the reward of personal health and fitness? This is similar to an article I have read about an Ohio school’s new teaching policy, where the district gives out cash every week if you show up to class. I feel that we should not have to anybody for what is required and mandatory to complete.

As much as I would love to get paid to go to school, it defeats the purpose of school. I would not say no if I was offered to get paid for breathing, however.

The article goes on to mention the possibility of your smart phone storing all of your personal information regarding health.

Using your phone is an efficient and quick way to:

1. Discover what illness you have

2. Look for the treatment

3. Send your Doctor more relevant information about your status

4. Communicate with your doctor.

Although this sounds great for us, our dependence on technology increases. If you happened to go through a tunnel with no reception and, god forbid, have a stroke, what will you do?

As much as I love my iPhone, it is always useful to be self-dependent.


Link for article:

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First CD Player Available 30 Years Ago Today

I still remember cassettes tapes, floppy disks, and AOL internet as the “tip” of the mountain of technology. It is amazing how innovation will take us.


Thirty years ago today, Sony’s CDP-101 compact disc player went on sale in Japan.

According to Benj Edwards at TechHive, the CDP-101 retailed for the equivalent of around $674, which today would be around $1609. Fifty CDs were available at launch, priced between $14 and $15.25 apiece — roughly $33 to $36 today. Check out Edwards’ full piece for an in-depth and interesting look at the history of the compact disc:

The CD player turns 30 [TechHive]

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iPad mini production begins…in Brazil?

I think that the size of an iPad mini should have been the original size for a regular iPad; less weight and more portable.

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Duo Gamer to release wireless game controller for iDevices

A wireless game controller would be tedious to carry around with you with an IPad. That is why the IPad is touch screen: so you can touch it, not to use a controller to play.

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