iDoctor: Save me from addiction

I have read something very interesting today; it was an article about how smart phones could be our doctors in the near future. With the many apps that are out there, you can track how many calories you have burnt, go on the Internet, search the symptoms, and find a remedy.

I think it is remarkable how we evolved into this instant-information world by a click of a button. However, this is very old news.

I was thinking, “Well, you can do that anyways.” What caught my attention was information sharing among companies. These companies “reward you” for following your commitment of your health plans, with discounts and offers. For example, you get paid $5 after your first workout in GymPact.

Seriously? We need to pay people to exercise? Whatever happened to the reward of personal health and fitness? This is similar to an article I have read about an Ohio school’s new teaching policy, where the district gives out cash every week if you show up to class. I feel that we should not have to anybody for what is required and mandatory to complete.

As much as I would love to get paid to go to school, it defeats the purpose of school. I would not say no if I was offered to get paid for breathing, however.

The article goes on to mention the possibility of your smart phone storing all of your personal information regarding health.

Using your phone is an efficient and quick way to:

1. Discover what illness you have

2. Look for the treatment

3. Send your Doctor more relevant information about your status

4. Communicate with your doctor.

Although this sounds great for us, our dependence on technology increases. If you happened to go through a tunnel with no reception and, god forbid, have a stroke, what will you do?

As much as I love my iPhone, it is always useful to be self-dependent.


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