Borderlands Review!

The new arrival of Borderlands came out.  Fans of the first game will not be disappointed with the new sequel of Borderlands. Here is why:

There is more loot to horde. I love a game that allows me to store up unnecessary amounts of stuff, just for the fun of it. Borderlands 2 give away weapons every 5 minutes, filling that materialist hunger. Boss fighting just became easier with more rare weapons.

The artwork is quite stellar then that of the previous game. The graphics make the game more realistic and more visual. You don’t quite see the “pencil” sketches, and the look of the character improved.

There is more involvement with the ability screen.  Before, the classes had about three tiers for every class. I hardly used rage because it took enough time from my game playing to remember to activate it. Now, the ability system works for me because there are so many aspects to it, I used it on other missions.

The world of Pandora changed from the desert into involving other landscapes, such as swamps, snowy mountains, and rigid tundra, with the desert included as well. I have to admit, borderlands would not be borderlands without the deserts. The new landscapes added to the game vastly changed the gameplay much better.

Along with landscapes comes along a new AI enemy variety. In Borderlands 1, the same type of enemies typically spawned in the same spot after a while. I felt bored killing the same type of enemies in the same spot. In Borderlands 2, new enemies spawn altogether in the same place, making the gameplay much more exciting. I never know what enemy I will face next.

Humor got upgraded hardcore, with the little robot we all know and laugh at from the original game. There was never a moment where I felt guilty blowing the insides out of him.

As much as I love Borderlands, there were some things I wanted to change about the game:

The aiming system is awkward and hard. Some scopes did not even have the little dot that I am used to. Even with the dot, the bullets always blew a little further from where I was pointing.

The new characters are the same tiers as from Borderlands 2. I would have loved to seen new classes with new classes, like a pyromaniac tier where he primarily focuses on explosives and launches a nuke as his super.

There are hardly any missions that require the use of vehicles besides as a means of transportation. Vehicles should have been more implemented into the system.

The status on the guns was not changed, forcing me to do every calculation in my mind every time I receive a new gun. The point of a video game is to turn my brain to slush.

I found that the improvements were quite rewarding to find. Other then the minor complaint I found, the game is a breath taking adventure. What do you guys think? I say it is worth all the dollars invested in it.

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