Arrvial of Dishonored


Dishonored preview

Although the game is called dishonored, there is no dishonoring from me. In fact, the ratings for this game were out the roof: ranging from 9.1-9.4.

I believe that the hype for this game will explode in a matter of minutes. I learned about this game from an IGN video that premiers it. As you already know if you have read the review about Resident Evil, IGN is where I normally look at for game reviews and upcoming releases. I looked at the title and wondered, “Hmm, this looks weird. A game about honor? Must be during medieval times.” When I looked at the preview, I was shocked, amazed, and stunned!

Dishonored does take place in Medieval times, with a mixture of a dystopian-police state world, modeled from England. There are swords and bolt-action pistols for weapons, with troops walking around in synthetic, robotic legs that have explosive cross-bows.

I have got to say, this game is very creative and imaginative. There are also old-modeled cars that resemble that of Ford’s first automobiles, but better! These look more modernize. Then comes the best part…

It has time-control!

That’s right, you can stop time, along with teleporting and transforming into animals, and other abilities. What’s cool about this game is that the abilities are not predetermined in order in which you will get them. You can just buy the abilities you favor (For me, it would be time control.)

As much as I like to level up and progress, it always come with consequences, such as getting abilities I don’t like. But in this game, I can avoid that Thank you Bethesda. Wait, Bethesda, The Company that created Fallout? Of course! Bethesda does not fail. It clearly creates masterpieces that are worth over 60 dollars apiece! Although, I may have some problems with Fallout New Vegas (I.E, the frequent number of glitches that pop up), it is still one of my preferred games to play.

In this game, you can choose to go for violence or to follow the road of Gandhi’s teaching’s of peace. I prefer to play violently because it is more fun when you are doing a lot of action, rather than take my time and avoid any conflict. In this game, if you choose to, you can play the whole game in stealth and can survive without killing anyone. Again, this is great for people who love to be stealthy, or are sadistic.

The world is shaped on your decision-making. This goes back to the two modes of progress; stealthy or violent. The more violent approach will get you a more chaotic, depressing ending, while a stealthy ending will get you a more humane and stable kingdom, so choose carefully.

Overall, these qualities of games are excellent and mind-blowing. I love the several unique aspects of this game that all come together to form a great experience. I defiantly recommend buying this game for any console. It almost is a combination of Prototype and Assassin’s Creed 2.

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