Asssassin creed 3

Assassin creed 3

I am simply flabbergasted by Assassin’s creed 3. Although I did not receive my game (all thanks to Sandy), my friend received his and I got a quick glimpse of the game. Just the first sequence invited me into the game.


In Assassin’s Creed 3, Desmond Miles is still on his journey against the evil Templars and the salvation of Earth. In doing so, he needs to find another “key” to further progress in the activation of the towers. The story starts off with Haytham Kenway (Connor’s father) in his quest to unlock a gate from the ones before. It is been noted that he is the first playable Templar and, in fact, is the Grand Master of the Templar Order. Talk about irony; the father of an assassin is a Grand Master.


Later in the game, you meet your servant, Charles Lee, who is the man that ultimately kills your lover and bullies your son. I know, talk about more irony. Connor, or Ratonhnhake:ton, is the next character that you get to play as. The legacy of assassins continues, and it is up to Connor to ensure the survival of the Revolution.


The setting takes place during the late 1700’s, mostly taking place in the Frontier. Throughout Connor’s life, we experience the Boston Massacre to several other battles in the Revolution.  There is a lot to explore and do, such as: courier mission, interacting with other people, and petting animals. My favorite activity to do is pet a pig, because they are so funny when they are annoyed.


You can also do secondary missions, such as other assassinations, aid missions, and other actions that benefit the cause of the people against the British.


Throughout the game, you have a vast number of weapons, from the bow to a gunpowder pistol and rifle. Of course, the British soldiers also have rifles, which makes combat much harder, but enjoyable. You also have a knife-chain that allows for stealth kills in mid-distance, and hangs them.  Connor can kill from a mobile haystack, top of a tree, and much more other discreet places for your use.  Also, duel-wielding weapons come back.  You can use double pistol and rope darts, as well as use the hidden blade as a dagger useful for hunting animals.


Why would you want to hunt animals?

Well, you can sell them! That’s right, fur and meat can be used to collect money. However, it depends on your shot. For example, you would get more money if you hunted animals with your dagger than your gun.


If you are ever lonely, you can invite local residents in the Frontier that may have a second chance after the Revolution. Here, they can survive from trading/crafting. As time progresses, so will the Frontier and your neighborhood.


There are some elements that come to return, like fast travel, healing, from the first game, puzzles similar to that of glyphs, and Assassin tombs.


Overall, the game is much greater than anticipated.

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