War Z review

War Z Review!

Well, the story comes from paper into an MMO for PC. World War Z depicts a world that is ravaged from a pandemic of the zombie virus. The book’s plot has many characters from various countries recounting their individual tales. The game takes place in an alternate future, in which major countries can not maintain the virus and anarchy takes the streets. You play as one of the few remaining 5 percent that are alive and survive. There is no level cap or experience gained from doing anything in the game, which is quite relaxing from the other games I have played.  Therefore, I can join the game a year later and I will almost be the same level playing field as a person who started today. It is a sandbox game with no storyline, other than an optional one you can create if you desire to.




In the game, you have the option to buy things using currency. In the game, the currency that is accepted and used is dollars and gold coins. You can barter in exchange for consumables, such as ammo, food, water, clothes, weapons, etc, and sell things in return for money. However, you can find all of the items in the marketplace in the frontier. The marketplace system is similar to that of Dead Frontier, in where you can buy or sell items found, from looting the city, through bartering.  The marketplace is available in the primer screen, or in a safe city.



Safe places are cities that prevent the player from using their weapons because no zombies are found in the cities.  You can load to the Global Inventory without any interruption from other players or zombies, gather supplies, and team up with others.


It is similar to Day Z, in that not only will zombies be your enemy, but also so will bandits. To survive, you must eat and drink before the lower-left bar depicts to nothing. However, there are no major side effects from not eating or drinking, unlike Day Z. On the upper-right hand side, there are two bars that indicate your presence and how much noise you make. However, going prone is the same visibility than standing up, which makes the game much harder.



The inventory system is MUCH easier to follow than Day Z, because everything you pick up gets stored into you bag. However, you also have to consider the weight of the items that you have.




Speaking of items, the weapons in the game are much more creative. Ammo and guns are very scarce, but there are multiple attachments that one can add to their gun if they are found, such as silencers and reflex sight. There are various melee weapons, like flashlights. Items always spawn in the same spot, which makes it predicable where each item will appear.


The graphics in the game are about average.


Although the game is not completed, it is quite impressive that requires some adjustments. There are some elements that were not included in Day Z or Dead Frontier that are in War Z.



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