First CD Player Available 30 Years Ago Today

I still remember cassettes tapes, floppy disks, and AOL internet as the “tip” of the mountain of technology. It is amazing how innovation will take us.


Thirty years ago today, Sony’s CDP-101 compact disc player went on sale in Japan.

According to Benj Edwards at TechHive, the CDP-101 retailed for the equivalent of around $674, which today would be around $1609. Fifty CDs were available at launch, priced between $14 and $15.25 apiece — roughly $33 to $36 today. Check out Edwards’ full piece for an in-depth and interesting look at the history of the compact disc:

The CD player turns 30 [TechHive]

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iPad mini production begins…in Brazil?

I think that the size of an iPad mini should have been the original size for a regular iPad; less weight and more portable.

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Duo Gamer to release wireless game controller for iDevices

A wireless game controller would be tedious to carry around with you with an IPad. That is why the IPad is touch screen: so you can touch it, not to use a controller to play.

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IPonder about IPhone

IPhone: Is it IWorth it?

The new anticipated Iphone came out weeks ago, with sales reaching 5 million purchases within the first 3 days of sales.

That is one more million than the amount of Iphone 4s sold within the opening weekend.

However, did the customers buy it out of features, or because they wanted to furfill their hunger for more stuff?

Let’s compare the IPhone 4s and the “revolutionary” IPhone 5:
IPhone 4s has a 3.5 inch display, while an IPhone 5 has a 4 inch display, face time was only Wi-Fi in 4s, while the iPhone 5 has face time both Wi-Fi and cellular, the weight of the iPhone 5 is 112 grams, while an IPhone 4s weighs 140 grams, new apps are only applicable on the IPhone 5, 3D and more advanced graphics will be able to run on the IPhone 5.

It may seem like a miracle, but it is trouble for those with the 2-year contract, because the expense fees will add on the $200 cost of the IPhone 5.

The Iphone 5 also allows people to use LTE/4g internet speed, which would increase the speed by about 40% more than 3g internet. Fast, fast, fast!

That by itself will convince several people to buy the Iphone 5. However, the problem with 4g internet speed is the availability. For example, there are more 3g spots than 4g spots.  4g spots also are relatively new, which would make 4g a difficult problem for you if your city/town does not provide it.

Another problem is that the amount of 4g depends on your phone company’s 4g plan. Receiving better quality videos may come with a cost.

One excellent aspect of the Iphone 5 is the camera. Now, you can take videos that can run in 1080p HD videos and take pictures at the same time you are recording. The Iphone 5 come with the IOS 6 installed already for you. But is it worth at least $200? Although a smaller width with an faster processer and a 4g connection may be our of this world, it comes with several fees.

I would recommend that anyone who has an Iphone 4 or lower to upgrade to the Iphone 5. As for the IPhone 4s, I would wait until the Iphone 5s comes out.

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First Blog

As my readers, I best think that you should get to know a little bit about who I am and my interests. I am a high school boy that is very interested in the world we live in today. Innovation always sweeps and dictates what will happen to current treads and cultures. It will be the sole duty of this blog to inform all of you about what is out right now, reviews, comparisons, and why you should care. Iwill also site my sources, to make my site even more official.

I will begin with why I became interested in technology. Ever since I was a little boy, all I wanted was to use the computer. All of my friends accessed the Internet on a daily basis. I was the unfortunate goose that was left out on all the fun.

Centuries later, my parents thought it was a great idea to change from writing in stone to buy a computer. I loved this computer like it was my younger brother I always wanted; I gave the computer time to relax and sleep, screamed at it when it decided to run slowly, and sat next to him when it was dinner time.

It was a beautiful feeling as a 6 year-old to share all those moments with you.

A few years later, we decided to depart ways. I no longer loved my computer as I originally did, and the computer was too weak to catch up to modern standards.

I wanted to believe that throwing it into the garbage can was the right and moral thing to do. I later secede all of my misery and agony by eating ice cream.

After I finished my yummy treat, this article about the newest technology caught my attention.  I skimmed through the entire article, reading several pages about the newest computers.

I wondered why companies are making new computers if we already have some. I finally realized why; money. If you convince someone to pay $500 for a new computer that she or he already have, then you gain the profit of $500 plus the amount paid for the old computer. I later decided to switch my habit of the internet to bikes.

My first mountain bike was a BMX mongoose with blue frames and black letters. It cost about $80 for one of the newest bike in the market. I rode my bike for 2 years. After that length of time, my bike broke down. I sold the parts individually, but still held to the rusty ones. I wanted a new bike. However, they cost 100 dollars. I was praying to God a BMX bike flew into my backyard.

When I got a bike, it was not an actual BMX bike, but an old bike bought for 40 dollars. I gave it a shot and rode the bike throughout my hometown. It was quite durable and quick.

When I challenged my friends, I always destroyed them. It was clear I was the Rocky of biking. When my friends asked me where I bought that bike, I told them it was an old model. They all laughed at first, but took me seriously later.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of my passion for technology and my curiously.